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Cafe "Al Baba"

Cafe ”Al Baba” offers you a distinctive display of delicious chocolate and dessert selections.

This isn’t your typical coffee shop. Instead you will be seated comfortably surrounded by a fashion boutique; however this time it isn’t clothes, but the distinctive display of our delicious chocolate and dessert selections.

We create a unique place for our customers to enjoy their favorite hot drinks and beverages, whilst socializing in a comfy and relaxing setting. Enjoy the best brewed coffee or espresso and pastries at all Al Baba's branches. Our duty is to lessen the daily strain of our customers by providing a great ambience, relaxing location, friendly customer service and the highest quality products.

Our employees are frequently trained to deliver the highest standards of professional services and the best coffee preparation techniques. Our coffee shops are designed to be in the same way visually pleasing to the eye, and for quick and efficient operations.