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Jewels & Dates

Jewels & Dates

Al Baba Jewels are handmade Tunisian sweets which are the product of marzipans, whole used pistachios, pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, and crushed coconuts. They are attractive delicacies for all your special occasions.

Al Baba Dates are also delicately and carefully handmade. These sweets are mainly made up of dates with a filling, as well as various kinds of nuts. There are 6 types of stuffed dates each of which is available in two options: regular and chocolate coated.


Assorted Jewels
Pistachio jewel
Pine nut jewel
Walnut jewel
Almond jewel
Hazelnut jewel
Flower jewel
Pistachio & pine nut jewel

Assorted Regular Dates
Assorted Chocolate Coated Dates
Pistachio Regular
Pistachio Chocolate coated
Coconut Regular
Coconut Chocolate coated
Orange Regular
Orange Chocolate coated
Pine nut Regular
Pine nut Chocolate coated
Almond Regular
Almond Chocolate coated
Walnut Regular
Walnut Chocolate coated