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Diabetic & Dietetic

Al Baba Sweets Diabetic & Dietetic products

Diabetic Products

  • Diabetic Baklawa

Our diabetic products include diabetic baklawa in three types: Basma, Pine nut fingers, Kol w shkor pine nuts. Instead of sugar, a sweetner namely maltitol is used. Maltilol doesn't cause drastic changes in blood sugar; however customers should consume these products in moderate amounts.

Both Diabetic and Dietetic

  • Diet Maamoul

Our Diet Maamoul can be consumed by diabetic individuals and by those who are on a diet. These come in three flavors: Dates, Pistachio, and Walnuts. They include a fat replacer,olestra, and a sweetner,maltitol, and contain between 32 and 44 kcals/piece depending on the flavor.

  • Diet Chocolate

Our Diet Chocolate is also both diabetic and dietetic.These are available as dark and milk plain chocolate in a slim rectangular shape. They contain a sweetner, maltitol, instead of sugar and contain 50 kcals/piece.