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Mohammed Bashir Al Baba (Beginning of Al Baba Sweets)

From an early age, Mohammed showed interest in learning the sweets profession, and was a real hard worker. At the age of nine, Mohammed woke up at 3:30am, dressed up and headed to work before catching up with his school at 7:30am.

Mohammed did not enjoy his childhood days like other kids.  He was eager to learn the sweets profession, and preferred spending his time making sweets and trying to establish a career for himself.
The kid was very bright and brilliant at his job. His employers were very secretive when it came to what he was doing, and didn't allow anyone to be near his work. They were afraid that his capabilities and techniques would be exposed, allowing competitors to learn secret recipes and tricks, especially when it came to dough.

Mohammed's concern was to achieve high quality standards for every sweet he made. He strived to come up with innovative and delicious recipes to please his employers. His ambitions were met when his employer started receiving quality assurance awards for the high level works in the sweets business.

In 1950, Mohammed Al Baba's dream to be successful finally flourished when he secured a sponsor and opened his very own store. This store later became the first building block of the Al Baba Sweets chain.


Mohammed Bashir Al Baba