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Al Baba Sweets all across Lebanon, find out the closest shop to you!

Masters of the oriental sweets business for over 63 years, Al Baba Sweets is the definition of the oriental sweets business and leaders in the Middle East region. Al Baba Sweets prides itself with delicious and unrivaled selection of Arabic sweets, chocolates and cakes for all occasions, as well as a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in its boutiques.  

Despite the fact that all our branches give a modern feel and atmosphere, our ancestors’ traditions are the core of our business. Walking by our various sweets stands, we want you to appreciate and sense the history behind every handpicked sweet. We are not just selling sweets; we are selling a legacy and an experience that excites all your senses.
Priding oneself with amazing products is nothing if not accompanied by excellent customer service. Our staff is equipped with the best hands on experience and professionalism creating a welcoming and rewarding atmosphere for our customers.  
Al Baba Sweets is always undergoing changes to adapt and continually satisfy the growing appetites of its customers, who have come to expect nothing but an excellent service and unmatched tastes.
Al Baba Sweets branches:  Lebanon, UAE

Riad El Soloh St., Saida - Tel: +961 7 720 678

Jezzine Road, Houssam El Din Hariri St., Al Said Center, Saida - Tel: +961 7 725 927

Dr. Nazih Bizri Blvd., Saida - Tel: +961 7 735 226

Tagh Din Solh St., Koraytem, Beirut - Tel: +961 1 787 178

Omar Bayham St., Tayouneh, Beirut - Tel: +961 1 399 500/400

Jal EL Dib near Exotica - Tel: +961 4 724 114  

Choueifat Branch, Doha entrance, near AlFakhani - Tel: +961 76 883 313

Chtaura, Jdita, next to Ghazali Supermarket - Tel: + 961 8 542 370 /  + 961 8 542 380